Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create an account for posting listings?

Creating a new account is very straightforward. Just go to the signup page. enter your basic information,upload your photo ID, verify your email, and you are done. You will then be able to log into your new account. You may start to create new listings once management verifies your photo ID, which usually takes about an hour or less.

How many listings may I create or have at one time?

You may create as many listings in as many cities and/or countries that you want. Listings last for seven (7) days before they expire. There is a handy button in your back office to renew a listing without having to re-create it if you wish.

Do I have to provide photo ID verification to create an account?

Yes. When you first create a new account, we ask for a government issued photo ID that clearly shows your face, your name, and your date of birth (you may hide/cover the other information on your ID). This is mandatory for creating listings and ensures that you are of legal age to list on our website(s). You are personally responsible for the listings you create and the content within those listings.

Do I need an account to view or respond to listings?

No. All listings are public and viewable by anyone visiting the website. Anyone with a valid email address can respond to a listing.

How much does it cost to create an account with Escort Listings?

Accounts are free. We charge for the listings. Listings last for a week, and can cost as little as $9.99. Listing pricing is different for each city, depending on the market. Here is a current and always updated list of listing pricing.

Can I create posts internationally?

Yes, We have many versions of Escort Listings that are targeted to specific countries, and you can manage all of your listings from one back office portal. When creating a new listing, just select your desired country, state, and city from the handy drop-down boxes.


What is Premium Advertising on Escort Listings?

We have three (3) types of advertising on Escort Listings. The most common is the basic listings. We also have "Enhanced Listings". Enhancing your listing when you create it, gives your listing a VIP status and places your listing in the top vip areas of the pages. The third type of advertising is a Premium Advertising Platform available to companies and agencies that wish to do banner advertising on our sites.

Can I enhance my listing(s)?

Yes! When you create or renew a listing, you will have the option to enhance the listing with a VIP Enhancement, which is an additional but minimal charge.


How much does it cost to create a single listing?

Listings last for a week (7 days), and can cost as little as $9.99. Listing pricing is different for each city, depending on the market. Here is a current and always updated list of listing pricing

What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, we accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB), and debit cards. (Bitcoin and Paypal coming soon)

Is my billing information safe and secure?

Absolutely! We are relentless about your safety and security. We use state of the art encryption in our databases, our whole website(s) are delivered with TLS 1.3 encryption protocols, and we also go the extra mile by enabling HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which provides an extra layer of protection.

What do charges show up on my credit card as?

Any charges incured on our websites show up on your credit or debit card as "Prestige Worldwide, LLC"

Can I get a refund for a listing?

We do not issue refunds for listings as set forth in our Refund Policies

How do you handle chargebacks?

We do not honor chargebacks and we DO challenge them, so it is not worth the effort for you to even try :)


How do I create my first listing?

Just create your account and verify your email address. You will then have access to your account. You will not be able to create an actual listing until management verifies your photo ID, which can take up to an hour, After that, the process is very simple; select your location, create the title and listing text/content, attach/upload photos, and select any enhancements if desired. Upon processing of your card, your listing will be live and viewable/searchable within seconds.

How many photos can I include on my listing?

You may attach up to 10 photos per listing. Once the listing is archived/deleted, the photos are destroyed from our servers. Expired listings that you renew will retain the attached photos.

How long will my listing stay active and viewable?

Seven (7) days, at which time it expires and is available for you to renew if you wish.

What happens when my listing expires?

When your listing expires, it goes from your "Active Listings" tab your "Expired Listings" tab. It is then available for renewal or archiving if you wish.

Can I renew my listing instead of creating a replacement listing?

Yes, and we recommend re-using expired listings, rather than creating new ones as mush as possible for simplicity sake. When renewed, a listing goes back up to the top of the city and category pages.

Why is the pricing so affordable on your website?

We are striving to create a simple, easy and affordable way for you to market and advertise your services. We have very little overhead and are very frugal.

Can I enhance my listing(s)?

Absolutely! When you creat a new listing, you are given the option to enhance it with vip placement. This is an additional cost, but still very, very affordable.

What is Photo ID Verified listings?

When a new account is first created, we photo ID verify the person creating the listings.

What are VIP Listings?

VIP Listings are normal listings that when created, have been enhanced to show up on top of or above regular basic listings. Providers often do this for better visibility.

Additional Support

My question was not answered here? What now?

We are always available via email or our contact page, and our member support specialists always answer questions within an hour.